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Online original artworks gallery PickyArt is a perfect space for you to explore and celebrate art, find new artists and purchase their artworks at one place.
Our original artworks gallery presents you with an opportunity to discover aspiring and established artists, some of them you haven’t even heard of yet, but with so many ideas to offer. Our artworks gallery offers only original, author signed works of art that will put flesh to any collection, any interior and any taste. No reproductions, limited edition prints, giclees, no mediocre artists, only most talented, pure hand made and distinct collections.

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Newest Exhibition

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Picky Art original artworks gallery is proud to present: Painter Jean-Paul Landais - distinct French contemporary artist. Jean-Paul Landais belongs to that generation of artists who give life to strong, impressive, disturbing, and prophetic images. He lives in that cavern where the word provides plenty of revelations. During more than four decades of artistic career, Jean-Paul Landais showcased his artworks in Tokyo (Japan), Honk Kong (China), Tapei (Taiwan), The Centre Georges Pompidou (Paris, France), Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands.

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Artist Corner

The only thing an artist should be concerned about is creating art, mastering this craft, finding new colors, shapes, techniques, and ways to express. What an artist should not be concerned about is how to sell his paintings. Leave it to us! Our main goal is to help skilled, aspiring artists introduce and sell their artworks to art lovers, collectors all over the World. We work to identify new talents and develop close working relationships with those whom we champion, enhancing their careers and establishing the market for their original artworks.

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