About Arunas Miliukas

Arunas MiliukasArtist Arunas Miliukas was born in 1961, in Vilnius, Lithuania. And today he still lives and creates in his hometown.
In 1986 he entered a pedagogical institute of Siauliai, the art faculty.
In 1993 he graduated from institute and started his professional artist career.

Always original and unpredictable,  his boundless fantasy gives life to unearthly characters, creatures, places of his paintings. Subtle colors and mist lingering in the air forces the viewer to tweak oneself – is it just a dream of the night? His works hides the most secret thoughts and questions of every human: where do we come from? where we live? what in our lives is real and true? or is our life, our World just a dream?

Artist arranges exhibitions since 1997. Painter A. Miliukas artworks where exhibited in Vilnius (Lithuania), Amsterdam (Holland), Holone (Israel), Malmo (Sweden).

I reckon to talk about your own work is stupid. Whatever you’ll say still be platitudinous – simply fool’s errand. Therefore, I try to speak less and let my works speak instead.

Painter Arunas Miliukas


His artistic individuality and originality is highly valued amongst the private collectors not only in Lithuania but also in Canada, USA, France, Israel, Sweden and Australia.


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