Artist Corner

Sell your Art online

The only thing an artist should be concerned about is creating art, mastering this craft, finding new colors, shapes, techniques, and ways to express. What an artist should not be concerned about is how to sell their paintings. Leave it to us! Our main goal is to help skilled, aspiring artists introduce and sell their works to art lovers, casual collectors, and serious connoisseurs all over the World. We work to identify new talent and develop close working relationships with those whom we champion, enhancing their careers and establishing the market for their work.

Every piece of art in our original artworks gallery is very carefully selected. That is why we usually exhibit up to 50 artists at a time, not more. The reason behind it is that we strive to represent every artist on our gallery with all the attention and care he deserves. An online artworks gallery with 1,000 different artists may not be as successful as one with 50, simply because buyers will get lost and may never find their work among the competition. We are actually interested to sell your works, because that is the only way we get our share. We do not charge an application or membership fees, we get paid only after you get paid – fair trade.

How does it work?

We offer you an amazing opportunity to sell your Art through our original artworks gallery absolutely for free. Other online artworks galleries charge you all kinds of fees whether or not you sell your art. This means their interests are directed towards recruiting as many artists as they can and collecting money for simply giving them a tiny space on their gallery. They don’t care about actually selling your art because you are still paying them.  We do not charge any monthly, annual or application fees; you do not have to create an account. So it makes it very easy and risk-free to apply. You just have to send us 2-3 high quality photos of your artwork with a resume and that’s it. Then we’ll contact you to inform whether you were selected or not. We are oriented to picky customers, so we choose only best works.

From this point you can leave everything to us. We will upload your works to the gallery, advertise them on the Internet, press and other media sources, do the marketing, customer’s service, online payment fees and a lot more.

Selling the artwork

First of all – you set the price! So be sure to include all of your costs to the price (materials, packaging, shipping, commission fee, etc.), and remember you are responsible for shipping the artwork to buyer. Buyers may offer their own price, we will inform about the offer immediately. Only you can decide whether to accept the offer or reject it.
Placing the order. After we receive an order from the buyer, you will be informed immediately through e-mail, if necessary text message or phone. When you have received an order from us you must then package the artwork and dispatch it to the buyer within 3 business days.  We take 25% commission fee from the price you set and it covers all the advertising, marketing, VAT, website maintenance, invoicing, customer service costs, technical support, etc.

Getting paid

Customers pay online through our credit card processing facilities. When payment is received, we will notify you of the details of the purchase and you will dispatch the artwork. Once we have confirmed that the artwork arrived safely, you will be paid approximately 28 days after that date (this is comprised of 7 days for delivery, 14 day money back guarantee, 7 days for return). Sometimes it can take longer depending on the shipping destination.


 For the full information please read Artist terms and conditions.