About Jean-Paul Landais

Jean-Paul Landais


Artist was born on 22nd of November, 1950 in Paris, France.
In 1968 graduated from School of Beaux Arts (Paris, France).

 Jean-Paul Landais belongs to that generation of artists who give life to strong, impressive, disturbing, and prophetic images. He lives in that cavern where the word provides plenty of revelations (Kunio Iwaya, Meiji-Gakuin University).

During more than four decades of artistic career, Jean-Paul Landais showcased his artworks in Tokyo (Japan), Honk Kong (China), Tapei (Taiwan), The Centre Georges Pompidou (Paris, France), Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands.




    – Exhibition in Taipei, Taiwan (2005);
    – Exhibition in Honk Kong, China (2002);
    – Exhibition in Tokyo, Japan (2000);
    – Personal exhibition at Franz Noldes Galkry with Basquiat and Baltus. Amsterdam, the Netherlands (1999);
    – Personal exhibition at Peter Brughel Gallery. Venlo, the Netherlands (1999);
    – Personal exhibition at Tempera Gallery et Lorelei Gallery. Brussels, Belgium (1999);
    – Personal exhibition in Hong Kong and Taiwan, Taipe Museum, Hong Kong (1998);
    – Personal exhibition at Tokyo-Osaka Museum Kobe Museum, Japan (1997/96);
    – La Martine Foundation acquired 2 works. Napoly, Italy (1997/96);
    – Georges Centre Pompidou acquired 3 work, Centre National d’Art Contemporain. Paris, France (1997/96);
    – Exhibition at Asia Art Gallery, Hong Kong (1995);
    – Personal exhibition at Saint-Sébastien-sur-Loire, France (1995);
    – Retrospective with Yves Klein, Tapies, César, Jean Dubuffet and Moris Wis, France (1995);
    – Personal exhibition at Ra Gallery, France (1994);
    – Exhibitions around Japan: Tokyo, Osaka, Yamaguchi, and Kobe, Japan (1994);
    – Personal exhibition at Ra Gallery, France (1993);
    – Exhibition at Altea K Gallery. Brussels, Belgium (1992);
    – Exhibition at Mont Saint Michel. France (1991/90);
    – Exhibition at the Castel dc la Perrière. France (1989);
    – Personal exhibition at ‘Les Dieux Oubliés’ Gallery d’ Art. Paris, France (1988);
    – Exhibition ‘Les Figurations’ Gallery Action with Bacon, Botero, Dubuffet, Carzou, Dado and Andy Warhol. Paris, France (1986);
    – Short Film of M. Bulté ‘Landais-painter’, present for the Midem, Cannes, France (1986);
    – FIAC of London, FIAC of Stockholm, FIAC of Barcelona. Europe (1985);
    – Exhibition ‘Sur Invitation’ by the Director of the Musée des Arts Décoratifs at the Louvre. Paris, France (1984);
    – Personal exhibition at Ra Gallery, France (1984);
    – Exhibition ‘Les Visionnaires’ at Maison des Arts Belfort, France (1983);
    – Exibition “L’Art Fantastique” at Castel de Vascoeuil, France (1982);
    – Personal exhibition at Ra Gallery, France (1981);
    – Exhibition ‘La Famille des Portraits’ with Andy Warhol, Giacometti, Yves Klein, Cesar and Roy Lichenstein at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs. Paris, France (1979);
    – The Centre Georges Pompidou aquired 4 work, the Centre National d’ Art Contemporain. Paris, France (1977);
    – Exhibition at Morentin-Nouvion Gallery. Paris, France (1974);
    – Exhibition ‘Sources du Fantastique’ J.C. Gaubert. Paris, France (1973);
    – Production of scale and scenery ‘Gardenia Terrace’ for Bob Wilson. Paris, France (1973);
    – Exhibition ‘Le Fantastique Contemporain’ J.C. Gaubert, Paris, France (1972).



    – ‘Les Figurations’ Bacon, Warhol, Lichtenstein, Basquiat, Dada, Botero and Landais by Doctor Keytens edited by Mayer (1997);
    – ‘Le Dessin, Le Pastel’ and ‘L’Aquarelle dans l’Art Contemporain’ by Gérard Xuriguera, edited by Mayer (1994);
    – ‘Les Figurations’ by Gérard Xuriguera, edited by Mayer (1985);
    – ‘Sources du Fantastique’ edited by J.C. Gaubert (1973);
    – ‘Le Fantastique Contemporain’ edited by J.C. Gaubert (1972).


Art critics’ reviews:

Let yourselves be carried away and be devoured by your monsters, everything will once more become visible in your painting, let yourselves be fascinated by your sirens’ songs. Jean-Paul Landais is a painter of the strangeness; his universe is full of matter, mobile, manifold, he is similar to Saturn swallowing up his children (painting by Goya), he is an ogre devouring and wolfing down worlds and worlds. He is a painter of mutation endeavoring experiments and living at the bounds of human reality.

Francois Mathey (manager of Musée des Arts Décoratifs, Louvre, Paris)
on exhibition “La famille des portraits” at  Musée des Arts Décoratifs de Paris


There is no room for artifice nor for ornamental in visionary works, the visionary painting calls forth a window wide-open to the infinity rather than a wall on which one would have drawn his phantasms; the work can penetrate by itself just like the child in the motherly womb. With this view, Jean-Paul Landais is undoubtedly the most promising and most talented painter I ever met.

Art critic Herve Serane, manager of Galerie RA, Paris


Jean-Paul Landais has an extraordinary technique, nevertheless he is also an inspired artist who unrolls and hangs on the line his strange universe made of permuted animals and human beings, of bearded plants and felted minerals. There is no doubt that only visionaries are able to sharpen your vision to such a pitch.

 Art critic Jean-Louis Ferrier for “Le Point” magazine, 23 November 1981


The topic of ‘genso’ or ‘genshi’ recalls naturally the various precedents in the history of art. The new expression of Jean-Paul Landais is the gleam of an art of former times. In his work reappears the reality of which William Blake had given a gleam.

The ‘visionary’ painting reveals distinctly the century’s depths, the image close to transmitted reality, to mysterious reality. His paintings composed by riddles, finally become familiar to us invading the Japanese term ‘genso’, the apocalyptic scarecrow is growing day after day, marching against  death. Jean-Paul Landais belongs to the generation of creators who give life to strong, impressive, disquieting, and prophetical images; he stays in the cavern where the word makes you hear its revelations.

Kunio Iwaya, Professor at Meiji-Gakuin University


The boundaries seem to vanish, the interiority of human beings and objects is dissolved into the surrounding nature and even more, merge into the exteriority. Jean-Paul Landais gives us the clearest illustration when painting mountains and rocks inside of smashed heads.

Yoshio Yoshimura, Member of the editing staff of Asahi Shimbun



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