About Migle Kosinskaite

 Migle KosinskaiteBorn in 1965, Vilnius, Lithuania.
1983 – 1989 studied Vilnius Academy of Fine Arts. Her major was painting.
Since 1989 M. Kosinskaite is participating in group exhibitions.
Since 2001 she is a member of the Lithuanian Artists’ Association.

She is now one of the most prominent and distinct painters of Lithuania’s contemporary art. The oeuvre by M. Kosinskaite and its community is unique, sharply individualized and highly interested in our life.



   Solo exhibitions:
      – ‘Monogamy’ at Rysiu Museum Gallery, Kaunas, Lithuania (2011)
      – ‘Vigils’ at Lithuanian Theatre, Music and Cinema Museum, Vilnius, Lithuania (2011)
      – ‘Close up’ at “A” Gallery, Panevezys, Lithuania (2011)
      – ‘Focus-Morocus’ at “Baroti” gallery, Klaipeda, Lithuania (2010)
      – ‘Light My Fire’ at “Balta”gallery, Kaunas, Lithuania (2010)
      – ‘Brutal’ at “AnnaNova” gallery, St. Petersburg, Russia (2010)
      – ‘Brutal’ at Kaunas Philharmonic, Lithuania (2009)
      – ‘Him and Her’ with Alius Berdenkovas at “Soviart” gallery, Kiev, Belarus (2009)
      – Project ‘Art in Old Lithuanian Manors’ exhibitions (2008):
                     Lithuanian Theatre, Music and Cinema Museum, Vilnius
                     Chamber Arts Center at the Old  Chapel of Anyksciai
                     Communication History Museum in Kaunas.
      – Painting exhibition at  “Vanloon & Simons” gallery, Wuht, The Netherlands (2008)
      – ‘Belle Epoque’ at “Domus” gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania (2007)
      – ‘Music and the Muses’ at “Rutos” gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania (2007)
      – ‘For the Desert’ at “Akis” gallery, Siauliai, Lithuania (2006)
      – ‘Boudoir Monologues’ at “Rutos” gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania (2005)
      – ‘Monologues’ at “Akis” gallery, Siauliai, Lithuania (2005)
      – ‘Familiar Faces’ at “Rutos”gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania (2004)
      – Painting exhibition at “Raina” gallery, Klaipeda., Lithuania (2003)
      – ‘Ladies’ happiness’ at “Kauno Langas” gallery, Kaunas, Lithuania (2003)
      – ‘Three grams of retro’ at “Rutos” gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania (2003).

   Selected Group exhibitions:
      – ‘Biennale Vught 2011′, The Netherlands (2011)
      – ‘Fata Morgana’ at “Art Park”, Kaunas, Lithuania (2010)
      –  ‘Primavera’ art fair in the Rotterdam, The Netherlands (2010)
      – Exhibition ‘Screen’ at Klaipeda gallery, Lithuania (2009)
      – ‘Best Artwork of the Year’ at Exhibition Hall, Kaunas, Lithuania (2009)
      – Exhibition ‘Table’ at Klaipeda gallery., Lithuania (2004)
      – Exhibition ‘Dolls’ at “Spruce” gallery, Kaunas, Lithuania (2004)
      – Exhibition ‘Eurobuitis’ at Siauliai Exhibition Hall, Lithuania (2004)
      – International plenèras‘ exhibition ‘Time’ at UNESCO headquarters, Vilnius, Lithuania (2002)
      – Kaunas artists painting exhibition in Krakow, Poland (2002)
      – ‘From the fretwork to …’ at Exhibition Hall, Kaunas, Lithuania (2001)
      – ‘Mysterium Magnum’ at “LDS” Kaunas gallery, Lithuania (2001)
      – ‘Black – White’ at “Left – Right” gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania (2000)
      – ‘The Last twentieth century Christmas’ haiku’ at “LDS” Kaunas gallery, Lithuania (2000)
      – ‘Best Artwork of the Year’ at the Exhibition Hall, Kaunas, Lithuania (2000)
      – Textile Guild exhibition, Kaunas, Lithuania (2000)
      – ‘Marks of intimacy’ at the Exhibition Hall, Kaunas, Lithuania (2000)
      – Painting exhibition at “Kauno langas” gallery, Kaunas, Lithuania (1999).

 Plenèras, etc.
      – Project ‘Bite’s art spaces’ in Kaunas, Nida, Siauliai, Lithuania (2006)
      – Plenèras ‘Zemaitkiemis 2006′ at Babtynas-Zemaitkiemis estate, Lithuania (2006)
      – Plenèras ‘Zemaitkiemis 2005′ at Babtynas-Zemaitkiemis estate, Lithuania (2005)
      – Plenèras ‘Dipolis 2′ at Bikuskis estate, Lithuania (2004)
      – Project ‘Weightlessness as a form of feminism’ at Kaunas 1-st fort, Lithuania (2003)
      – Plenèras ‘Manor Chapel’s Column’ at Babtynas-Zemaitkiemis estate, Lithuania (2003)
      – Plenèras ‘Dipolis’ at Bikuskis estate, Lithuania (2003)
      – Plenèras ‘Time’ at Babtynas-Zemaitkiemis estate, Lithuania (2002)
      – Plenèras ‘Preludes of August’ at Babtynas-Zemaitkiemis estate, Lithuania (2001).


Art critics reviews:

Only at first sight, oeuvre by Migle Kosinskaite seems to be easily arrested by words. If you say that her oeuvre pulsates, flaps and intrigues by romantic surrealism, you say almost nothing. If you say it to be dainty decorative, effective and deeply private, the essence remains unclear. If you accuse her personae with being theatrical,unfaltering, mysterious and indocile, you fractionally mention the most important things. The statement that the form, ideas and character of her steady compositions almost do not need the outfit of colours discloses an approximate truth only. The only task remains: to look for the typical tokens in the oeuvre by Migle Kosinskaite seeking to use them, as the guides of the individual touch, for finding the undoubtful oneness of the artist in the abstruse modern painting art.

Personae of pictures by Migle always observe the lookers-on. Society women in full fig and sad female jokers, the Graces and medusae, meditative and careless coquettes, shameless and shy women, decadents, queens of spades and Salomes, free and full of complexes, rich and poor – all of them have the own opinion of us vigilantly and talk about us in their internal monologues. As if undress us with a sight. Even when it seems that the female heroines show their closed eyes or only their backs to us. Even when their eyes are covered with blindfolds or craftily shaded with a fan. Even when they hide themselves behind a horse, an old kettle or some other thing. These pictures are the partners of the dialogue. Painting art that speaks by eyes of the personae.

Personae of Migle come to use with a brightful autobiography. The plane of a picture turns into a sort of a scene for mono performance and a personality applies to us from it. Firm in its chosen mode of life and world outlook. Bright, unique and strong even in its errors, so forces you to become prick-eared. It is painting art that speaks by the fate of a personality. It even does not require a colorful dress. Sometimes, only monochromy with some colored additives is sufficient. It is even interesting to hear a conversation of the canvases.

Pictures by Migle are free improvisations in romantic generalized retro style. That involve topics related to oriental and occidental civilizations. Sometimes they present nobly sad or cheeky serious sophisticated playing with moods, fashions, destinies and emotions. Longing for something lost for ever, irretrievably destructed by civilization, urbanization, and globalization. Such painting art appears from nostalgia for a decayed manor in a human heart and from longing for the heritage of the female personality.

What is the age of personae of Migle? Why they speak with us willingly and easily? It seems that they came from pictures painted centuries ago, from luxurious palaces, from historical novels and love-stories; however, they know everything about us and do not conceal this fact. Her art presents unclosing of the mystery and wiles of femininity, flies and falls. Their eternity does not depend on changes of fashions. It is a triumph of eternal golden age in a human based on impressions from early Renaissance, Little Dutchmen, secession, art deco, silent cinema and other visions. Migle does not conceal her inclination to manipulating with epochs and images, so at first sight to her picture it is impossible to say whether it was painted yesterday or before a century.

Even if you come blindfold to the exposition, you’ll say: „It is painted by a woman!”. And not only because of domination of portraits of women in the figure compositions. Men painted women for many centuries; they paint them at present and will paint in future. However, canvases by Migle radiate the real breathing of female mystery and passion. It is impossible to form it in an artificial way. The naturally disclosed sexual dependence sounds as a rare and valuable token of the personality in the life and art of the 21st century that levels the value of the differences between a female and a male.

The oeuvre by M. Kosinskaite and its community is unique, sharply individualized and highly interested in our life. It is important that she should not leave the chosen way and ignore multiple influences. The way chosen by Migle can be found among thousands of other small ways without any advertising radars or costly navigation systems. Such way is found following the acoustic voice of the heart.

Art critic, Vida Saviciunaite


Lithuanian artist’s Migle Kosinskaite paintings are very theatrical. Every painting is a one act play. M. Kosinskaite’s style – romantic surrealism. Favorite tool – paradox, but the characters – decadent beauty, comes from the art deco and a silent film. “Queen of spades” and “Salome” intoxicating as muse and cold, like jellyfish. Although these “brutal” ladies do not attack men aggressively, only cover themselves with animal fur as “goose bumps”, of course, that is a feminist product, appearing from different angles for women and men.


For female viewers oeuvre painted with woman’s hand is a special form of self-identification and reflection, while for men it is an opportunity to understand woman’s inner world through external signs. Figures are dressed, or undressed with fur to be precise, are not perceived as erotic objects. But at the same time how much potential sexual energy drowsy “women – the lamp” has built up! They certainly do not dream about a woman in a kitchen, their dreams are about eternity. Closed eyes are directed inwards – the artist looks at the world from within.

Art critic Artiom Megalishvili about
M. Kosinskaite’s exhibition “Brutal”



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