About Virgis Ruseckas

Virgis RuseckasArtist was born in 1963, Jonava, Lithuania. He now lives in Kaunas.
Participates in exhibitions since 1990.

 An art critic once said, that V. Ruseckas art is like an aggressive poetry, that floats from the essence of depicted objects. Although many portrayed people are faceless (situation is prior to the artist), they are not only aggressive but also dangerous. Thus, the viewer is left to consider not the content of an object but rather its form. Those who wish to see a bit of reality here, should first get acquainted with that reality’s invisible side. In other words, – things without bodies, bodies without faces.

V. Ruseckas paintings are indeed very polysemantic, leaving enough space for the viewer’s imagination, freedom to interpret. As if poetry without punctuation.


Selected solo and group exhibitions:

      - Lithuanian Theatre, Music, and Cinema Museum, Lithuania (2011)
      – The Affordable Art Fair Spring Collection, Battersea Park, London, UK (2008)
      – Art Ireland, Dublin (2007)
      – Lithuanian embassy in Latvia (2006)
      – Lithuanian embassy in Estonia (2005)
      – gallery “Egles”, Kaunas, Lithuania (2004)
      – gallery “Rutos”, Vilnius, Lithuania (2004)
      – gallery “Rutos”, Vilnius, Lithuania (2003)
      – gallery “Langas”, Kaunas, Lithuania (1999)
      – gallery “Langas”, Kaunas, Lithuania (1998)
      – Čiurlionis gallery, Chikago, USA (1996)
      – gallery “Arka”, Vilnius, Lithuania (1995)
      – gallery “AL”, Kaunas, Lithuania (1990).


Art critics review:

V. Ruseckas is an artist who matches the popular realism, mastery of expressive streamline and imitation of salon art. An artist pays much attention to the background and the object composed in it… There is a lot of scrupulous surface formation, layers of paint, and rubbing as if the artist restores a fresco that was painted over five times. A painting scraped and polished for a long time, suddenly starts sparkling and expanding in bright colorful spots in an intense grayish background. The artist cares a lot about the pictorial surface – transparent and matted planes, aquarelle drips, the flats of object and the background are glued by the coloring glue. V. Ruseckas paints a reality that „lives“ in our interiors as well. Look over there; it is on the shelf, among the things still laying there from the last summer. It is in the wallpaper of the children’s room, in the rags behind the cupboard or in the bluish wrinkles of the robe. The old things, those sweet vampires do not leave us and their shadows seem to maunder around the edges of the dusty furniture, coffee-grounds or the sauce factures in the tablecloth.

Director of Klaipeda artists home, Ignas Kazakevicius



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